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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kitchen Tips, Tricks and more (A)

A dampened paper towel or terry cloth brushed downward on a cob of corn will remove every strand of corn silk.

A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separate.

A jar lid or a couple of marbles in the bottom half of a double-boiler will rattle when the water gets low and warn you to add more before the pan scorches or burns.

A low-calorie solution for high-fat frying of corn tortillas is to place them in the oven, directly on the rack. Bake at 350 F, to desired crispness. The tortillas will automatically fold over into taco shell form with just a little postioning help.

A lump of butter or a few teaspoons of cooking oil added to water when boiling rice, noodles, macaroni, or spaghetti will prevent boiling over.

A perfect pastry crust ... in your favorite recipe, substitute a 4 to 1 ratio of lard to butter.

A roast with the bone in it will cook faster than a boneless roast - the bone carries the heat to the inside of the roast quicker.

A slice of soft bread placed in the package of hardened brown sugar will soften it again in a couple of hours.

Add a little lemon and lime to tuna to add zest and flavor to tuna sandwiches. Use cucumbers soaked in vinegar and pepper in sandwich instead of tomatoes. Use mustard instead of mayo to cut the fat and add a tang.

Add a small amount of lemon juice to the artichoke cooking water to retain the color of the artichoke.

Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to each quart of water when cooking rice, this will keep rice fluffy.

Add a dash of lemon juice into meatballs before cooking them.

After crimping the edge of the pie crust, lift the edge of the crust gently all around with your fingers. This keeps the dough from sticking to the dish while baking and makes it easier to take out the pieces of pie.

A teaspoon of sugar mixed with your yeast and water makes it raise better. Even if you are making bread you can use some sugar. Never mix salt directly with the yeast and water mixture as the salt kills the raising action.

Add two teaspoons of vinegar to jello and it will keep the jello from melting when you serve it.

A dash of ginger added to chocolate icing gives a delicious, unusual flavor.

Add one of the following to the room temperature egg whites for the highest meringue: add a pinch of baking powder; add a pinch of salt; add a generous pinch of baking soda.

A teaspoon of celery salt added to cracker crumbs in which oysters are rolled before frying improves their flavor.

A little crushed or diced pineapple is delicious added to savory stuffing used for roast.

Add Flavor To Cooked Vegetables, toss in a bouillon cube or two to the boiling water instead of salt when cooking vegetables. Adds a delicious flavor to the veggies. Another alternative is to add a couple roughly halved cloves of garlic to the boiling water, then lightly tossing veggies in butter once cooked.

A little oatmeal adds much flavor and richness when used as a thickener for soups. Try it.

Add one-quarter teaspoon soda to cranberries while cooking them and they will not require much sugar.

A teaspoonful of vinegar added to the water in which eggs are poached keeps the whites from spreading and makes the whites cook over the yolk.

Add a slice of lemon to peeled sweet potatoes while cooking. The lemon will help them clear and free of discoloration.

Add one teaspoon baking powder to mashed potatoes to make them fluffy.

A wire cheese cutter is ideal for cutting chilled refrigerator cookie dough.

An ordinary funnel makes the best cooling rack for your tube cake pans.

Ants, ants, ants everywhere ... Well, they are said to never cross a chalk line. So get your chalk out and draw a line on the floor or wherever ants tend to march-see for yourself.

A damp cloth under any bowl or dish in which you are stirring or beating something will keep it from sliding around.

A rubber patch cut from an inner tube makes a good temporary sink stopper.

A cloth dipped in lemon juice will clean discoloration on aluminum pots and cookware. Rinse and wipe dry.

A simple way to sharpen kitchen shears ... cut a piece of steel wool.

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