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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Kitchen Tips

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Here are kitchen tips and tricks to streamline your time in the kitchen. 

For a super fast fish dish, add some fresh ginger or garlic to some oil in a saute pan. Heat and stir over a medium fire for about 3 minutes. Remove the ginger or garlic and cook the fish in the flavored oil.

By pounding boneless chicken or turkey to 1/4 inch thickness, you cut the cooking time in half.

Pre-cook veggies for stir-fries in the microwave while sauteing the meat.

Hamburgers cook faster if you poke a hole in the middle while shaping them. The holes disappear as they cook.

While frying or sauteing small pieces of meat or fish, don't crowd the pan. Use a large pan or wok and cook in batches.

Microwave a carton of ice cream for 10 to 15 seconds to make scooping a breeze. No more bent spoons with this kitchen tip!

Save energy by boiling part of the water for pasta in a teakettle and adding to the pot. Teakettles boil faster.

Cut big pieces of meat in half to grill them quicker. Small chunks of meat on a skewer grill in a snap.

When making pasta with vegetables, throw the vegetables in with the pasta for the last four minutes of cooking time.
Those are kitchen tips and tricks to save you time.

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