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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Odor Elimiation

The first DON'T DO tip: Don't use ammonia-based cleaners to clean up pet urine. It will just make the problem worse and could actually keep pets attracted to that area.


Basements seem to be a housekeeping nightmare. While we all don't expect them to smell of potpourri, we would at least like them to be free of offensive smells. The problem is lack of air, lack of sunshine and concrete! Concrete is porous, a little like wood, and the odors get right into those pours.

The first, easiest and cheapest thing to try is washing the concrete down with white vinegar where the pet urine has been left. Scrub with half vinegar and half warm water. Use rubber gloves, and if you can ventilate the area it will help. At least run a fan in the area. Open windows if you can--blow in fresh air by putting the fan in the window.

If you do this, and it doesn't work, then try making a paste of
baking soda and vinegar--place it on the area, allow it to dry and clean it up. If this STILL doesn't do it, then paint it. Kilz has a primer that is made for this type of thing. It will seal in the
odor. Yes, it's some extra work, but it should do the trick. The
floor and basement area will need to be completely dry for the
primer to work.


The refrigerator can be a scary thing if you don't take control of
the contents and the smells. Start by checking dates on dressings, sauces and anything that's been there awhile. Remove everything from the shelves and clean it with a good friendly cleaner. Clean every little space, and use a toothbrush to clean the rubber around the door and all the corners. Wash everything!

Clean the drain pan located below the refrigerator. Yes, there is a drain pan. You will need to remove the lower panel in the front or back to find the pan. It catches extra moisture and can grow some pretty interesting mold if it's not cleaned. Remove it and clean it well, rinse, dry and replace. While it's out clean in that space where the pan was too.

Now you can replace all the good items, wiping them off as you go if they need it, and organize them if they weren't before.'s almost like buying a new refrigerator!


Baking soda: Sprinkle it on carpets or furniture..let it sit for
as long as 15 minutes to a half hour, then vacuum.

Cat litter: Sprinkle a couple of inches in the bottom of the garbage can. Replace at least monthly. You can also put cat litter in empty coffee cans and place them in areas like the basement, garage or shed to get rid of odors.

Vinegar: Plain, cider, or herb--whatever you have on hand is good. Pour it in bowls or small containers and put it wherever you need to soak up some odors. If it's a bigger area use more containers. Works for smoke, musty smells and some pet odor. If you have a trunk or dresser that has an odor to it, place a small cup or bowl inside, close and let it sit for at least 24 hrs.

Charcoal: Break it up, place it in a container and put it where
the odors are. Don't use the "fast light" charcoal--it has lighter
fluid in it--not only is it flammable but it smells.

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