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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12 Feng Shui Tips for your Home

Do not put TVs or electronic equipment in the bedroom. If you must 
do so, put them in a cabinet with doors that can be closed at night.
Do not put fountains in the bedroom.
Always have a solid wall behind your bed
Do not sleep under a beam
Mirrors should never break up your reflection (tiled mirrors) or 
cut off the top of your head (hung too low).
Keep all toilet seats down and all drains closed or covered.
Use all the burners on your stove. Rotate using them and make sure 
they all function.
Keep all plants pruned, remove dead leaves and remove dead plants!
Keep walkway and the porch clear and inviting.
Change burned-out light bulbs immediately.
Avoid using fluorescent lighting.
Oil squeaky doors. Make sure all doors open and close easily.

9 Feng Shui Tips for Career & Business Success

Place your desk facing the door; at a diagonal when possible
Have a solid wall behind your back...NOT a window!
Do not sit under beams, fans, air conditioners
Do not have exposed bookshelves behind your back
Do not sit with your back to the door!
Avoid sharp objects on desk facing you
Do not position desk up against a wall
Never allow files to pile high directly in front of you
No bonsai, cacti or other spiky plants in office

Mirror Tips 

Mirrors should NOT reflect:

Beds: Don't put mirrors where they reflect the occupants of the 
bed. Brings in Third Parties (infidelity) 
Stairways: Interferes with positive flow of chi; and from a 
practical standpoint, it may be dangerous if you trip looking at 
yourself in mirror while walking down the stairs. 
Desks: Don't let a mirror reflect the top of your desk. It 
magnifies the workload 

Mirrors should reflect:

Auspicious objects: Good fortune symbols 
Natural bodies of water such as rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans: 
To draw in prosperity and good fortune. 
Short hallways to avoid "dead end". (Put mirror at the end of the 

~  Author Unknown but appreciated ~

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