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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here's Some Christmas Tips for you Enjoy!!

My first tip that I always tried to share is the Santa Claus website it's a wonderful website for young kids.

If you have small kids here's a website where they can email Santa and tell them what they want for Christmas and Santa will reply right back. Plus they can track Santa on Christmas Eve where they are able to see where Santa is at that time..I used this every year for my kids and they loved it.. (Click link below)

Wrap some of the pictures you have hanging on the wall to look like packages. This can be a really cute and inexpensive addition to your decorations!

Save all your Christmas cards from the previous year, get a pair of pinking shears and cut up the cards to make instant gift tags!

Avoid a stressful supermarket scrum by planning ahead. Make a list and try to buy non-perishable items on a normal shopping trip in advance. Things in tins or packets will happily keep in the cupboard. Making a list is the best shopping tip.

Always buy plenty of indigestion tablets and cold remedy - and a few small extra presents for the people you forget!

Buy a stack of batteries - especially if you have children. There's nothing worse than not being able to get a new toy going because you forgot the batteries!

(Christmas Decorating Tips) Click link below

Go branch hunting outside. Spray-paint the branches in a silver or gold, pop them in a vase and voilà ... elegant holiday decor. Take it a step further and dangle some ornaments on them or tie a few bows.

Take your throw pillows and tie them with holiday colored ribbons either once around the middle or like a Christmas gift. Add a rhinestone pin for an extra kick!

Take red, white or green bath towels and stack three different sizes with coordinating ribbon, thus creating a "gift wrapped package." Place on bath counters or tiered rack behind toilet bowl to dress up the guest bath, says Connie Bandstra, author of Tasty Temptations.

Take some hanging picture frames and simply frame some pretty holiday paper as artwork. Sometimes you can even find a nice greeting card worthy of being framed and hung.

Take clear vases or bottles, fill them with water, add holiday-colored food coloring -- a few drops will do -- and float candles in them or just line several up in a row to add a simple, cool holiday accent.

 Hints and tips cover Christmas food tips, presents and Christmas gifts ideas, and how to have fun without spending a fortune. (Click link below)

If you want to have a Christmas party it doesn’t have to be a fancy sit down dinner. Just pop large bowls of popcorn and set them along the table with a few other easy snacks, maybe a couple of plates of cookies. Have large pots of steaming hot cocoa with candy canes for stir sticks and of course marshmallows and whipped cream to top them. Most people seem to have just as much fun at these types of relaxed and informal parties as they do the more elaborate ones.

When you are out doing your day after Christmas shopping, don’t forget to pick up things like red and green candies, napkins, paper plates and tablecloths to use on Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Days.

Keep bowls of peppermint candy and candy canes around instead of chocolates and caramels that are more expensive.

Have the kids make paper snowflakes, lay them on top of a chocolate cake, sprinkle with powdered sugar, carefully remove snowflakes. You now have a beautiful snowy scene! This is a very inexpensive way to decorate your holiday cake!

Instead of using regular paper for your paper chain projects, why not use other materials such as; wallpaper scraps, decorative scrapbook paper, pieces of wrapping paper, or left over pieces of silk ribbon!

To add some glitter & sparkle to your decorations, spray paint different kinds of nuts with your choice of colors! Silver & gold make stunning displays!

Frosted Windows~ Want to make your windows "frosted"?
Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt to 1 cup beer.
Brush on the window! Let dry
To remove the frost, wash off with ammonia!
This is really neat. Just remember to cover any
wood or furniture nearby, because this drips!

Drop a tealight candle in your cleaned out glass
mayonnaise jars, tie a holiday ribbon around the neck,
and you have a beautiful candle with Christmas charm.
You could nestle the candle in peppermints, 
nuts, or even sand if you wish.
Try grouping several together for a dramatic
evening effect. These also make great luminaries.

Place a few inexpensive glass balls in a bowl and embellish with
a few sprigs of greenery or some leftover ribbon.
If you don't havean extra bowl try decoupaging
a box with leftover Christmas wrap, or cover
with a little fabric and glue. You can also shred
some old wrapping paper to put it the
bottom of the bowl before placing ornaments inside.

Tie ornaments to the chandelier with Christmas ribbon.

Make your own gift tags out of leftover paper.
Add details by layering shapes over the base paper
use paper punches and scalloped scrapbooking scissors to add style, 
use a calligraphy pen to add names.
You can also use the scalloped scissors
to make old holiday cards into tags.

Sponge stars or other seasonal shapes on your window with paint
Add a teaspoon or so of liquid dish soap to acrylic craft paint,
Washes off with window cleaner.
Use a non-scratching dish scrubber if you come across a stubborn spot.

Front Door Décor~Dazzle your front door for Christmas by wrapping it in bright red
paper or fabric, then wrap it with a huge gold bow to impress your

Make garlands,mini stockings, holly leaves, mittens and even Christmas Ornaments from felt scraps.

Printable Recipe Cards  (Click Link Below)

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