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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kitchen Tips, Tricks and more (G)

Greaseless Griddle Cake: When making griddle cake grease the pan for the first cake. After that rub a piece of raw potato over hot griddle instead of greasing. The cakes brown nicely and there will be no smoke. *Found on loose page of from an old cookbook.

Gravy thickening, sauces, etc., can be made smooth by using a small jar with a tight lid. Put the mixture of milk or water and flour into the jar and shake well until all lumps disappear.

Grease drippings can be clarified for further use by straining to remove large particles and then cutting up an Irish potato and frying it in the grease. All the small particles will cling to the potato.

Gelatine in individual form can be handled easier if a muffin pan is used instead of small molds. Pan can be placed in a refrigerator without danger of over-turning and much time is saved.

Grapefruit or oranges can be peeled easily if permitted to stand in boiling water for ten minutes.

Greasing muffin tins, bundt & cake pans is a breeze with a pastry brush first dipped in melted butter or shortening. A pastry brush also makes cleaning graters quick work–just brush off the bits clinging to the grater before washing.

Getting the catsup out of the bottle: insert a drinking straw, push it to the bottom of the bottle, and then remove. Enough air will be admitted to start an even flow.

Grate orange and lemon peel before peeling. Dry and add to spice cake or any cookies or puddings. The dried grated peel will keep well in a covered jar.

Grapes ~~~ To enjoy on a hot summer day, pop your grapes in the freezer. They are delicious frozen.

Get two batches out of one recipe of marinating liquid by marinating meats in a sealed plastic bag. Put half the amount you usually would in the bag with the meat, remove all the air and seal the bag. Squish around the liquid and it will stretch a lot farther than it would if you marinated in a covered container. I like to make two batches at once, one is for that night’s meal and the other is frozen in the bag with the marinating sauce. (Leona)

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