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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bedroom Cleaning Tips

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A clutter free bedroom is not only aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain but also conducive of a good nights sleep.

Storing all non ornamental items such as sprays and bottles in lidless containers will help to achieve this, simultaneously preventing damage to furniture through leakage.


Wherever possible leave a gap of an inch or so between furniture, bed and walls, to enable detailed cleaning behind, possibly with a long handled feather duster, without the need to pull furniture out.


Fitted bottom sheets do not move around during the night and are therefore more comfortable than flat sheets. The bed can be made up quicker in the morning. Reduce the frequency of laundering the duvet cover and battling to put it back on by using a top sheet,which can be easily removed and easily cleaned.

Dusting & Polishing

Traditional yellow dusters have a tendancy to redistribute dust. If this is your preferred method start with higher surfaces and allow loose particles to settle on lower surfaces before continuing.

Micro fibre dusters (cloths or brushes) that trap dust particles are far more effective. Flash DustMaster, has a handle that extends up to a metre, its slim design enables cleaning of nooks, crannies and otherwise out of reach places.

Clothes Storage
Adequate storage space for clothing is a must. If hanging space is limited, fold non creasing garments, such as woollens and store on shelves.

Do not fold or pack garments immediately after ironing because they are likely to crease. Instead hang for a couple of hours.

A hanger similar to the one pictured can serve this purpose. Alternatively hang discarded clothing prior to sorting and next day clothes to save valuable time in the mornings.

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